We take established processes from companies and digitize them so that you can dedicate yourself to their passion – your company!

Knowing how your company
is really preforming

Account balances do not always provide the answers you need.


That’s why we take a look into the future, so you know when you have to pay which taxes, whether you can pay your employees and when each booking will be made in the near future.

FINUX provides answers for:

  • Where does my company stand financially?
  • How are my costs and revenues developing?
  • When can I expect financial bottlenecks?

Never match invoices and bookings manually again!

Often it takes a whole working day to manually reconcile the invoices with the transactions.


FINUX not only ensures that invoices and transactions are linked automatically, quickly and easily, but also analyses them and shows the customers‘ payment behaviour. In addition, FINUX helps to pay each invoice at the right time.

Benefits of invoice matching:

  • Having the correct invoice at hand for each transaction
  • Time savings that are used more effectively in other sectors
  • Practical summary, e.g. for tax consultants

Act instead of react!

Instead of checking numbers and data, we let them talk.


A bill still has to be paid? FINUX tells you! The sales tax is due in 4 weeks? Think of it already now with investments.  Our Smart Alerts ensure that the numbers become relevant recommendations for action.

Our Smart Alerts offer:

  • Concrete proposals instead of mere information about data
  • Tailored to your company
  • Actions can be implemented directly from FINUX, e.g. paying invoices

Who and what is important?

You already know who your biggest customers are – but do you know exactly how important they are?


FINUX shows you which partner you can rely on. How regularly do the partners pay? Are further payments to be expected and can I expand the customer relationship? Or was it a one-time payment?

FINUX shows directly:

  • Who is responsible for which costs and shares of revenue
  • No more tedious checking, the data comes from the bank accounts
  • When do my customers pay and how does this affect my liquidity?

Link all data sources with each other

You do have you already established processes in your finances?


Instead of gathering information from different sources, ALL bank accounts and their accounting software are merged into ONE overview with all information!

FINUX links:

  • Accounting software and business intelligence tools
  • Data from ALL bank accounts is aggregated and used
  • No more gathering lists! Get all relevant information at a glance