Are you ready to properly examine your business?

With the help of an intelligent bank account analysis and the additional integration of accounting systems, FINUX gives a unique, in-depth overview of a SME’s finances in order to allow entrepreneurs to focus on their passion instead of getting lost in admin tasks.

Quick overview

Combining your bank account data, accounting systems and Get My Invoices presents you all your significant data processed at a glance.

Get to know your network

Get an insight of your business network and your most important customers and make sure to optimise your business relationships.

Smart answers

Make smart decisions easier and faster with relevant recommendations.

Well connected

Connect FINUX to all your bank accounts and get an extensive overview of your business’ finances.


The upcoming direction of FINUX

  • Liquidity

    • Multi banking aggregation
    • Forecast 1.0
    • Top customers & suppliers
    • Monthly visualisation
    • Smart alerts regarding liquidity

  • Outstanding Receivables

    • Connection to financial accounting
    • Integration of Get My Invoices
    • Manual data upload
    • Smart alerts regarding outstanding receivables

  • Know your partner

    • Information about your customers & suppliers
    • Industry news
    • Benchmark against competitors
    • Smart alerts regarding partners

  • Calculation

    • Top 5 Industry-specific contribution margin calculation
    • Forecast 2.0
    • Smart alerts regarding calculation