Our Mission

Our Mission

Today there are a lot of great business tools around that work quite well according to their purpose – but unfortunately only in their specific department. For a quick overview those tools simply deliver too many details and data. Thereby, entrepreneurs aren’t able to have a uncomplicated and immediate look at their business‘ status without getting lost in data. So we thought this shall be more simple – that’s how we started to develop FINUX.

With FINUX we’re not simply giving entrepreneurs a transparent financial overview, we’re also creating something new.

Create something new

Our calculation with FINUX is 1+1=3. What does this mean? For example, FINUX draws information from a supplier, combines this with the account balance and recognizes possible effects on the supply chain and therefore effects on the account balance. In summary, two information respectively data, delivers a complete new clue. In general, we combine data from the business‘ account with information from a network of partners, clients, suppliers and competitors – thereby FINUX drops a fresh perspective regarding liquidity and financial affairs, in order to develop a new decision making approach.

Our Goal

FINUX wants to support entrepreneurs to focus on their core competence – to lead a business – instead of wasting time for administrative tasks.

We developed FINUX to support CEOs in making quick and facct based decisions.

Not just data – but real answers

FINUX combines different functions into one structured solution. Our product doesn’t make decisions, but comes up with recommendations. It delivers an extensive look a the bigger picture at just a glance. Questions like „What’s my liquidity in two months?“, „Is my business credit worthy?“ or „I just took a business over, how is the financial situation right now?“ are answered within seconds.
Are forecast, based on bank accounts, liabilities and outstanding accounts, is connected with other information from the business network. At the same time, FINUX categorises customers based on sales volumes, keeps an eye on suppliers and detects unused potential.